Why should you buy a 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan instead of a Mercedes-Benz GLC?

There are a few reasons why Volkswagen vehicles stand out among their competitors from Mazda, Honda, and Toyota for example. The performance, refinement, impressive versatility, and advanced features Volkswagen vehicle’s offer are a few examples. That said, these same examples allow Volkswagen models like the Tiguan to compare favourably with much more expensive luxury vehicles as well. The 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan not only outshines models like the Honda CR-V or the Toyota RAV4 when it comes to performance and luxury, but it also provides a lot of value when you compare it to a model like the 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLC. This is what we want to look at here.

The goal is not to necessarily say that the GLC has nothing to offer and isn’t worth it. The goal is to highlight elements that are impressively similar in the new Volkswagen Tiguan to what you find in the GLC. If you can get the features, you are looking for in the Tiguan without compromising performance, versatility, or driving pleasure and you can save $10,000 or $20,000, we are pretty sure you would be quite happy. Here are a few key differences that might lead you to purchase a 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan instead of a 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLC

Pricing and value

The 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan starts at $33,695 while the 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLC starts at $51,600. Right away there is a difference of nearly $20,000 between both models. Now you might think that there is a huge difference in what you get, but as a matter of fact you actually get a fairly long list of similar features. The elements below are standard features that you will find in both models:

  • Standard all-wheel drive
  • Heated front seats
  • Blind spot monitoring
  • App-connect connectivity
  • Automatic braking with pedestrian detection
  • Lateral front and rear side airbags
  • Tire pressure monitoring

That said, there are elements that you find in the 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan that you don’t get in the GLC in the base version. The most interesting feature is a heated steering wheel. That comes standard in the Tiguan while it is only optional in the GLC.

Both models also come with a standard 2 L turbocharged four-cylinder. The Volkswagen Tiguan is indeed one of the most powerful compact SUVs you can buy in its price range. The GLC will have more power, but the difference is not as significant as you may think as both vehicles enjoy the benefits of turbocharging. You would see the difference at higher speeds, but when driving around in the city, the Tiguan delivers surprising performance. It is also more efficient than the GLC in terms of fuel consumption.

The 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan also delivers nearly double the interior cargo space of the GLC. The GLC offers just 550 L of cargo space behind the rear seats while the Tiguan has over 1,000 L behind its rear seats. It also has more space for your passengers.

Of course, some will be reading this and think that all that doesn’t matter because the difference between a GLC and a Tiguan can be found in terms of the handling and the comfort. That said, the Tiguan delivers a remarkably quiet interior, and the handling is akin to a luxury SUV according to just about every VW Tiguan review.

In other words, if you choose a 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan, you are saving thousands of dollars and getting the same features as the Mercedes-Benz GLC. We compared the base models, but if you look at a top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz GLC and a top-of-the-line Volkswagen Tiguan, you’ll find that the list of features is just about identical. More importantly, you get a turbocharged four-cylinder engine in the Tiguan as well and the comfort and driving dynamics are similar. If you are sceptical, give us a call today and book a test drive in the Tiguan. We can guarantee you will be impressed.