Why Choose to Lease your Volkswagen?


You are thinking about changing vehicles, but hesitate between purchasing and leasing? Did you know that long-term car leasing, like the one offered at Arbour, your Volkswagen dealer in Laval, is often more advantageous than financing? In fact, VW Canada offers several leasing plans that can be adapted to your lifestyle and budget. Explore all the advantages of leasing a Volkswagen in Laval by reading the following.

Financing vs Leasing

VW financing consists of fixed monthly payments that are based on the total purchasing price of the vehicle, after adding accessories, additional warranties and taxes. Once your obligations are met and your car financing is completed, the vehicle is yours.

With a VW lease, the monthly payments are prorated based on how much you use the vehicle, over a period of 12 to 60 months, plus additional coverage charges if applicable.

Unlike financing, taxes are calculated on the amount of the monthly payment and not on the total price of the vehicle, and when the lease is over you are presented with several options.

Why choose to lease?

By choosing one of our Volkswagen leasing plans available in Laval, you'll be entitled to lower monthly payments. After all, you only pay for what you drive!

What's more, you'll be able to choose the annual mileage plan that's right for you, based on the distance you drive each year.

Finally, since the terms of a lease are often shorter than those of a financing contract, you'll be able to drive a brand new Volkswagen sedan more often!

And when the lease is over?

When your lease expires, you have 3 options:

  1. You buy or lease a new Volkswagen vehicle or SUV;
  2. You buy back your current vehicle for the residual value on your lease;
  3. You simply return the vehicle.


With so many options available at the end of your lease, you'll enjoy greater flexibility than if you had purchased the vehicle.

Additional protections are available

Various protections are also offered to you when you choose to lease. For example, you could add to your contract a protection against excessive wear and tear, covering up to $10,000, which covers tire wear, scratches, slight dents, etc.

Ask us about our different Volkswagen leasing options available at Arbour VW in Laval, and take advantage of all the benefits of driving a new vehicle without any of the hassle! We are located near the North Shore of Montreal, close to Blainville and Boisbriand.