Our tips for dealing with the Volkswagen car shortage

The global pandemic impacted many areas of our lives, including our habits and our work; the automotive industry was also hit. In fact, to this day, we are still facing an unprecedented automotive shortage.

Before getting caught up in the war against Covid-19, in 2020 and earlier, the vast majority of Volkswagen dealerships, whether in Laval or elsewhere in Quebec and Canada, had hundreds of vehicles in inventory. But today, even at Arbour VW, there are practically no vehicles left.

Microchip Shortage

The shortage of automotive semiconductors is the primary cause of this disaster. If we believe the major players in the industry, this automotive shortage is not going away anytime soon, quite the contrary. Production slowdowns, shift cancellations, plant closures - in short, the automotive chip shortage has had, and will continue to have, important consequences beyond next year, according to the most optimistic forecasts.

This automotive shortage poses several problems for both consumers and dealers. For example, when purchasing a vehicle, it is normal to want to test drive it before buying it. However, the problem is that there are simply no vehicles available for test drives because of the very limited inventories.

Patience will be needed

Furthermore, you will have to wait a few months, or even longer, before you can finally drive your new vehicle. If you visit the Volkswagen Canada website, you will find that the estimated delivery time for new vehicles is between 6 and 8 months.

Light at the end of the tunnel

However, according to the TradingSat website, Volkswagen Group and the French-Italian chip manufacturer STMicroelectronics have reached an agreement to develop a new chip in partnership. This should result in the return of a normal supply schedule and, in turn, normal assembly line production.

We also learned earlier this year that the federal government has allocated funds to accelerate the development of microchips by Canadian companies.

If you are approaching the end of your lease, or if you plan to sell your vehicle soon, one of the best pieces of advice we can give you in these extraordinary circumstances is to factor in a period of at least six months before you receive your future vehicle. Our Volkswagen financing specialists at Arbour VW in Laval, just minutes from Boisbriand and Blainville on Montreal's North Shore, are happy to help you and answer all your questions. Be sure to stop by for a visit!