VW ID.4 or BMW iX?

You’ve decided to opt for an electric SUV. You won’t regret your choice, as you’ll be happy with the speed with which you’ll save on gas. Knowing this, you may be hesitating between different vehicles belonging to different price ranges on the market, like a Volkswagen ID.4 and a BMW iX, for example.

Here are some details about these two models that may help you make a final decision.

What kind of luxury?

The first question you need to ask yourself is what you’re really looking for. If it’s luxury at all costs, maybe the BMW iX will satisfy you more? But be warned; apart from an interior design that offers more space and a more futuristic style, this model doesn’t offer anything more than what you’d like to find in a vehicle like the ID.4, i.e. the desired connectivity, heated seats and steering wheel, an efficient multimedia system, etc. The Volkswagen ID.4 offers you the essentials and all the luxury in the world.

The range

If you compare the range figures of the two models, you’ll discover that the BMW representative offers you more in this regard. Basically, we’re talking about an additional 100 kilometers. That’s good, but between 400 km and 500 km, when will you really notice the difference? With 400 km, we agree that it’s enough for daily travel. And if you’re going to drive 600 or 700 km on a weekend trip, you’ll need a recharge with either model.


It used to be that driving a BMW product gave us something more than driving a Volkswagen product. With electrification, we’re seeing a standardization of performance. For example, the 0-100 km/h time between the entry-level BMW iX and the Volkswagen ID.4 with all-wheel drive is almost identical (6.1 and 6.2 seconds).

Yes, BMW is offering a more powerful variant, but are you willing to pay $80,000 more for it?

The Price

All of this brings us to the price. Volkswagen’s SUV is priced under $50,000. BMW’s has a starting price of around $80,000. It peaks at around $120,000.

Is the price difference that remarkable behind the wheel? The answer is no, obviously.

It’s your turn to discover the Volkswagen ID.4.