The Volkswagen 4MOTION All-Wheel Drive System

The Volkswagen 4MOTION all-wheel drive system is a feature found on certain Volkswagen models. It’s an advanced technology that helps provide more control and a better driving experience. Here’s a closer look at the Volkswagen 4MOTION system, what it does, and how it works.

What is the Volkswagen 4MOTION All-Wheel Drive System?

The 4MOTION system is an all-wheel drive (AWD) technology from Volkswagen. It uses advanced sensors to detect changes in the terrain and help deliver optimal power to each wheel for maximum traction and improved handling. This makes it ideal for off-roading or driving on slippery surfaces like wet roads or icy conditions. In short, this system helps drivers have greater control over their vehicles, no matter the conditions or terrain they come across.

How Does the Volkswagen 4MOTION System Work?

The core of the VW 4MOTION system is a transfer case that distributes power between the front and rear axle depending on driving conditions. This transfer case contains two intelligent clutch systems that can adjust power delivery automatically as needed by monitoring traction levels at each wheel. For instance, if one wheel begins to slip, it will shift power away from that wheel towards wheels with more traction for increased stability and control. Additionally, this AWD system can be manually adjusted via selectable settings depending on your needs for specific terrain such as sand or snow.

Other Features of the VW 4MOTION System

In addition to its AWD capabilities, the VW 4MOTION system also includes several other features designed to improve your experience behind the wheel. One example is hill descent assist which modulates braking force while going downhill to ensure you don’t lose control of your vehicle while descending steep slopes. Similarly, there’s also hill start assist which prevents rollback when starting on steep inclines by detecting any momentum when you take your foot off of the brake pedal and applying additional torque as necessary until you apply pressure to the accelerator pedal again.

The Volkswagen 4MOTION all-wheel drive system offers many advantages for drivers looking for extra control and confidence behind the wheel regardless of road surface or terrain type. Its advanced sensors monitor traction levels at each wheel, ensuring optimal power distribution for maximum stability and control on slippery surfaces or challenging terrains like snow, sand, mud and gravel roads.

Plus, it comes with additional features such as hill descent assist and hill start assist that further enhance your driving experience no matter where you go in your VW vehicle equipped with this technology!

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