Purchasing a used car: important steps and questions

Buying a used car: the guide at Arbour VW

The used vehicle market keeps growing, and people keep looking for the perfect car.

Arbour VW, on the North Shore of Montreal, in Laval, close to Boisbriand and Blainville, talks to you about used cars and gives you important advice.

How to purchase a used vehicle in Quebec?

Used vehicles are more and more popular in Quebec and it is not surprising, since car dealerships have interesting inventories of used vehicles from their own make and models, but other brands as well.

In Quebec, it is recommended to purchase your used vehicle in an accredited car dealership. The Office of Consumer Protection (or OPC in French for “Association de la protection du consommateur) and the Used Vehicle Merchants Association of Quebec (or AMVOQ in French for “Association des marchands de véhicules d’occasion du Québec) both ensure that clients receive all necessary and pertinent information before purchasing their next vehicle.

How to plan the purchase of a used vehicle?

Your dealership has certified used vehicles, which means vehicles that have undergone a thorough inspection prior to being made available for sale. Arbour VW invites you for a visit, so that you can see for yourself our wide inventory of available used vehicles for sale at unbeatable prices.

All you need to do is come and visit us in dealership or contact us for an appointment. We will be happy to show you a vehicle that is absolutely perfect for your needs. You can also visit our website and you will see that we have many models ready for purchase, including cars, SUVs and trucks.

What must be verified on a pre-owned vehicle?

It is highly recommended to verify the following elements before purchasing your next pre-owned vehicle:

  • A visual inspection of the exterior and interior
  • Odometer: how much mileage?
  • Ask for the inspection report
  • What year is it?
  • CARFAX and RDPRM reports
  • The warranty on the vehicle

These elements will give you a good general idea of the state the vehicle is in. Take the time to get all the necessary information before purchasing the vehicle.

What questions to ask when you purchase a used vehicle?

When you make the decision to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, it is important to ask the following questions:

  • What year was the vehicle made?
  • Has the vehicle had many owners?
  • Has it been involved in an accident?
  • What are the conclusions drawn from the inspection report?
  • Is the mileage on the odometer real?
  • Is the vehicle still under warranty?
  • What warranty can the dealership offer?

These questions will help you understate the state of the vehicle and what you are getting into. Do not hesitate to also ask for a test drive and take the time you need to complete a visual interior and exterior inspection yourself.

What should be negotiated when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle?

Firstly and obviously, you should negotiate the vehicle’s price. Before going to the dealership, do your research, and find similar vehicles to see how much they sell for. This will come in handy when negotiating.

Ask the salesman what the current interest rates are for the car loan, should you choose the financing plan offered to you by the dealership.

You can also ask for extra accessories, like winter tires if you are purchasing it in the summer, carpets, a remote starter, anti-theft marking, etc.

Finally, you can also negotiate an added or extended warranty on the vehicle.

Your dealer may not be able to give you all that you ask for, but you should know that if you don’t ask for anything extra, he won’t offer it for free!

What taxes need to be paid on a used vehicle?

Revenu Quebec explains what taxes will have to be paid on your pre-owned vehicle.

So, if you are purchasing your used car from a car dealership, you will have to pay the dealer the TPS. The TPS is generally calculated based on the sales price you have agreed on with the dealer.

As for the TVQ, if you are purchasing a used vehicle, you will have to pay the TVQ calculated based on the sales price you have agreed on with the dealer. However, if the estimated worth of the vehicle is higher than the final sales price, the TVQ will be based on the estimated worth rather than the selling price.

Can you change your mind after purchasing a used vehicle?

According to the Office of Consumer Protection, the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle can be canceled according to certain conditions only. The possibility of braking a contract depends on how you pay for the vehicle in question.

Firstly, if you have not yet signed the instalment sale contract, this means you only have an offer from your dealership. As such, you have not yet made an official commitment. In this case, you can stop the process at any time and choose not to follow through with the offer.

“ If you plan to pay for the vehicle in several instalments, you are most likely entering into an instalment sales contract. Once the contract is signed, you have 2 days to cancel it. This period begins when both you and the merchant are in possession of a copy of the contract.

If the vehicle was delivered to you when you received a copy of the contract, you have 2 days to return the vehicle to the merchant. You lose this cancellation right if, through your own fault, you cannot return the vehicle in the state in which it was delivered to you.

If the vehicle was not delivered to you when you received a copy of the contract, you must send a written notice to the merchant within 2 days.

For a "high-cost" instalment sales contract (which has an annual credit rate of more than 22%), the applicable deadline is 10 days. ” (Office of Consumer Protection).


Purchasing a used vehicle in Quebec means you should obtain all necessary information about the vehicle in question, including mileage, how the actual sale will take place, the state the vehicle is in and what conditions will be listed on the purchasing contract.

Your VW dealership in Laval will make you feel at ease quickly. Not only do we have a vast array of available pre-owned vehicles, but our Volkswagen Financing plans are also flexible and adapted to your needs. Come and visit us today!