Meet the Volkswagen iD.4

Volkswagen iD.4

The German manufacturer Volkswagen is going green with its first-ever fully-electric vehicle, it’s the new iD.4!

Spacious, powerful and eager to explore the world, this SUV delivers the best experience that electric vehicles can offer.

Find the Volkswagen iD.4 for sale in Laval at your Arbour VW dealer, located on the North Shore of Montreal near Blainville, Boisbriand and Terrebonne.

To learn all about the different VW models simply visit the VW Canada website. Be sure to take advantage of Volkswagen promotions and financing plans.

front view of the 2021 Volkswagen iD.4

The Electric SUV Designed for Canada

three quarter front view of the 2021 Volkswagen iD.4

In a country where extreme weather is a part of everyday life, consumers need a vehicle that truly meets their needs. With the iD.4, Volkswagen rises to the challenge.

The Pro PR with RWD and the Pro TI with AWD versions let you choose the specs that best suit your needs, offered at starting prices of only $44,995 and $49,995 respectively.

This price makes it eligible for both government rebates, for a total reduction of $13,000.

Winner of the Top Safety Pick + Award from the IIHS and crowned the 2021 World Vehicle of the Year by 93 journalists from around the world, the new Volkswagen iD.4 has already made a name for itself.

VW iD.4: A Surprising Design

With its sleek exterior and flowing lines, the new Volkswagen iD.4 is sure to turn heads on the road.

The futuristic front end does not feature a grille, while the optional light bar that connects its LED headlights gives it an avant-garde style.

close up front view of the headlights and light bar of the 2021 Volkswagen iD.4
close up rear view of the 2021 Volkswagen iD.4

The rear is just as unique with its signature LED lights and red light strip.

Choose the Statement Package to make your electric SUV truly stand out! It adds 20-inch Drammen wheels for a uniquely dynamic style.

This package also adds plenty of convenience features such as a foot-activated power tailgate to make everyday chores that much easier.

You are also sure to love the huge panoramic glass roof, which combines very well with the optional interior ambient lighting with 30 colours to make the interior even more striking.

The cabin also offers very comfortable vegan faux-leather seats with 12-way power adjustments, allowing you to set their position just the way you like it.

view of the glass roof inside of the 2021 Volkswagen iD.4

Dimensions of the VW iD.4

Based on the MEB platform, the Volkswagen iD.4 boasts a wide wheelbase of 109 inches as well as a high roof, delivering plenty of space for passengers and their luggage.

And because it doesn’t have a gasoline engine, the interior is even more spacious and comfortable for all passengers.

Dimensions of the Volkswagen iD.4
Height 64.4 inches
Length 180.5 inches
Width without mirrors 72.9 inches
Wheelbase 108.9 inches
lateral front view of the 2021 Volkswagen iD.4

Exciting Electrical Performance

The best part of driving the new Volkswagen iD.4 is not just its powerful engine, In fact, its electric powertrain also offers an impressive range and exceptional handling regardless of road conditions.

close up view of the steering wheel inside of the 2021 Volkswagen iD.4
view of the touchscreen displaying the battery status of the 2021 Volkswagen iD.4
close up view of the charging port of the 2021 Volkswagen iD.4
view of the air conditioning fins inside of the 2021 Volkswagen iD.4
three quarter front view of the 2021 Volkswagen iD.4 towing a motorbike
view of the open trunk and cargo space available inside of the 2021 Volkswagen iD.4
close up view of the tail lights of the 2021 Volkswagen iD.4
lateral rear view of the 2021 Volkswagen iD.4 driving in the snow

Instant Torque

As soon as you press the pedal, the engine delivers instant torque for a thrilling acceleration. In fact, with AWD you can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 6 seconds.

Do not be deceived by how quiet it is: it is just as capable as gasoline engines… and does it with zero carbon emissions!


This electric motor of this new VW SUV is powered by an impressive 82 kWh lithium-ion battery.

In addition to fast charging, it offers a total range of 368 km or 400 km, depending on whether you chose AWD or RWD.


Using a fast DC charging station, the new Volkswagen iD.4 can recover up to 100 km of range in only 10 minutes.

Want to her the best part? Thanks to the German manufacturer's collaboration with Electrify Canada, you can recharge for free on an unlimited basis for three years, at absolutely no charge!

If you want to charge your electric Volkswagen at home, it will take you 7.5 hours to fully charge it using a 240V charger.

Heat Pump

All iD.4 SUVs sold in Canada come standard with a heat pump, designed to keep the cabin warm more efficiently than traditional resistive heaters.

That means that your battery won't lose its charge trying to keep the car warm, allowing you to enjoy its full range even during cold winter days.

Towing Capacity

Just because it's electric doesn't mean it's not powerful. In fact, the AWD version of the iD.4 comes standard with a trailer hitch and can tow up to 2,700 pounds.

Cargo Volume

With 858 L of space in the truck, this SUV is big enough for the whole family. If you need even more space you can fold the rear seats to enjoy a total cargo volume of 1,818 L.

Regenerative Braking

Thanks to regenerative braking, the battery actively recovers energy when the brakes are engaged, delivering increased autonomy on longer trips.

All-wheel Drive

The iD.4 Pro with AWD is equipped with a second electric motor to power the front wheels. You will love sitting behind the wheel with its incredible 300 horsepower, generated without a drop of gas.

Advanced VW Technologies

Launching its first-ever electric vehicle, Volkswagen isn’t satisfied with traditional technologies. In fact, the light strip running across the dashboard, called ID light, isn’t just there for illumination, but also to communicate with you.

Among other innovations is the intuitive start technology, which allows you to effortlessly turn on the car! Simply place your hand on the handle while having the keys on you, and the car will start the engine.

view of the steering wheel and dashboard of the 2021 Volkswagen iD.4
view of the touchscreen inside of the 2021 Volkswagen iD.4 displaying the navigation system

It is also equipped with a 10- or 12-inch touchscreen with an interactive navigation system and wireless Apple CarPlayTM and Android AutoTM integration.

It goes without saying that it is also packed with advanced driver-assist technologies to help you avoid collisions.


The Car-Net suite offers allows you to check the charge of your battery and look for charging stations near you, among other features.

Car-Net also allows you to adjust the temperature remotely and request assistance when needed.

view of the steering wheel and touchscreen displaying the exterior car data of the 2021 Volkswagen iD.4


view of the touchscreen displaying the driving assistance system inside of the 2021 Volkswagen iD.4

The set of drive-assist technologies aboard theiD.4 is called IQ.Drive. This package helps you stay safe on the roads thanks to features such as:

  • Lane Keeping system;
  • Front Assist;
  • Blind Spot Monitoring;
  • Rear Traffic Alert;
  • Adaptive Cruise Control;
  • Emergency Assist.

Drive with peace of mind thanks to the VW iD.4.

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close up rear view of the 2021 Volkswagen iD.4